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Paranormal: The Mindreading Magic Show


Bally's Windows Showroom

3645 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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“Paranormal: the Mindreading Magic Show” by Frederic Da Silva at Bally’s Hotel and Casino

Frederic da Silva is among the many attractions of Las Vegas. He brings his magnificent show called “Paranormal: The Mindreading Magic Show” by Frederic Da Silva to Vegas which take place at Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. The globally renowned magician enchants the audience with his skills and technique and makes them speechless making them question whether he has supernatural powers or not.

According to Da Silva himself, he just uses a mixture of different methods that combine a number of disciplines in his act. While he might tell the name that’s been hovering in your mind or give you power that you become a magician yourself, the trick lies in the element of surprise.

No wonder Da Silva is also very clear when it comes to choosing volunteers during the show. People are randomly chosen. There are no set volunteers.  The idea is to turn the sceptics into believers that anything unexpected does not have to be explained.


Da Silva had passion for illusion, hypnotism, and magic since he was a child. He believes that magicians actually don’t have any power as it is often claimed but the trick that most magicians utilise is that they distract the audience from the clues in front of them. And for a magician to achieve this requires a lot of practice. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect is a rule that Da Silva sticks by.

Da Silva has been called the Best Mentalist in the world. While Da Silva doesn’t have any formal training as a mentalist, he says that Mentalism is really a tricky combination of a number of techniques such as psychology, hypnosis, and memory used at one time in such a sly manner that  it throws the viewer off guard.

Da Silva started his practice first with family then friends and his clientele slowly started increasing as he was invited for private parties or for private shows. Da Silva has also worked with Jean-Luc Reichmann for a channel on national television. The idea behind the show was to develop critical thinking skills among the viewers who were tuned in.

This show presented a magic trick which the viewers watching on TV would have to solve. The solution was given in the next episode or sometimes after the break so that memory could also be developed. Since this was a low-budget show, Da Silva offered to go to the winner’s home and do a private magic show for them. This is how he started getting popular.

He was further called for performing on other TV shows. This includes the “Incredible Talent” show, and around four years ago, did Cauet. He has also been on a joint tour in France with Jean Pierre Foucault.

Da Silva is particular about his professional commitments and has been trying to balance his French tours and the contract with Bally’s. While for the past three years, he has been performing regularly in Vegas, Da Silva has not signed up with any new performers.

Living in Vegas has been a dream for Da Silva. On his eighteenth birthday, he got on a plane and flew to the city that never sleeps. It was landing and staying in the resort city for some time that Da Silva realised that he was meant to live in Vegas.

However while his career as a mentalist has been a struggle for about fifteen years, from the start Da Silva had known that it would probably take his whole life to make his name standout form among the crowd of magicians in Vegas.

Da Silva has also been a part of many international championships and asserts that there are just sixty mentalists in the world today. While he has not met the actor Simon Baker of the TV series The Mentalist, he is grateful that the TV series has popularised the term and his work. But Da Silva points out that the mentalist that they show on TV and he is very different. What they showed on the show was psychology and astute observation.

Currently, Da Silva is very happy performing about 48 performances in a month.